Here is some feedback from people who have worked with Sarah:

“My story starts 15 years ago when my husband and myself were trying to conceive a baby. I had endometriosis and had had 3 x major endometriosis operations, and I had been told I could not carry pregnancy. After 4 years of trying to get pregnant, my husband and I decided to see a fertility specialist who put me on hormone treatment for just over a year and the next step being IVF. So my husband and I went away to have a think.

I didn’t know who else to turn to but I had seen the Self Heal Clinic sign many times on my way home from work. So I looked up Self Heal Clinic and made an appointment with Sarah. Sarah did some testing, and from that she picked up a few things. We started treatment and after 5 months of being on treatment, I conceived. My husband and myself have a healthy young girl who will be 9 years old at the end of this year.

After this, we miscarried 4 times. Being on one income, I could not go back and see Sarah. As time went on my endometriosis got worse and I had a hysterectomy. Now that I am 47 and going through menopause, I was having such bad feelings, hot flushes, 1 day ok, next day down in the dumps and the world was on top of me. I couldn’t go on, so I reach for the phone and called Sarah. Sarah did a Dutch Hormone testing for me and got me on medication and dietary changes which have changed my life. To this day, I put my life in Sarah’s hands and I believe in what she does and how she can help. Sarah is amazing lady who I highly recommend to you all. If anyone’s going through hard times and really wants to help themselves, Sarah is the lady to turn too.”

Angie Dickson (NZ)

“I am now 73, I used to describe myself as Jack of all trades and Master of four. I have spent a lifetime in various Martial Arts and strenuous and often dangerous occupations, and relished all of it.

I have had a good life and enjoyed a good level of health and fitness. That is until about 3 years ago, when I was beset with aches and pains, sharply declining fitness and increased breathing difficulty. I have always looked after myself and decided to battle through. In some ways I improved, but in other ways I was in decline. I went to the doctor and had tests. Nothing.

2 years ago, I had difficulty swallowing and digesting food, until one day, I was so bad I had my wife rush me into Accident and Emergency. I could barely breath. The doctor was very good and gave me a range of medicines to help, although I did not really like taking them, I did as I was instructed.

It was not too long and the problems returned. About this time, I realised I was losing a lot of weight. The fat went, then the muscle. I kept saying “there is something really wrong with me and I do not know what it is”. More medical tests, and X Rays. Nothing showed up as a cause.

A friend told me about Sarah’s clinic. I looked on line, drove past, and was a general loiterer. It was not the kind of thing I did. But I was getting worse.  I was helping myself with herbs and supplements. By the time I decided to make an appointment, my weight was plunging down and I was having mood swings. One day life was good again, next day I thought I would not see the week out, nor did I want to.  I felt so wretched I wanted to die. But the thought of my wife’s sadness was not acceptable to me. I went to see Sarah. She saved my life.

It took time and complete commitment to her program for me. I was still very unwell.  My weight had gone down over 20 kilos and I was not overweight to start with. Muscles I had since my teens were gone and my skin hung like a rag. There were a range of things wrong with me and more things became apparent as I went along. Some things were very personal and Sarah inspired confidence in dealing with them. I desperately wanted to be well again. One thing that surprised me, was that Sarah sent me back to my GP several times for further tests

Then gradually at first there was improvement. I was impatient to be well quickly, but stuck to what I was told. Sarah is wise and very knowledgeable, with a quiet sense of humour when appropriate. By a couple of months ago I felt well recovered. My muscles were still lean but hard and with increasing fitness and stamina, My weight has now recovered to my optimum in my mid 20’s.  Mentally, probably never better, I had no idea before this that what goes on in your guts affects your head.

I have been hunting again, and handling stock on the farm easily. The other day I went back to the Dojo where until last year I had been the senior Judo Instructor. I bounded up the stairs two at a time and the Kids beat me up. Not only did Sarah save my life, she me gave my life back.”

Graham Rogers (NZ)

“I first reached out to Sarah at The Self Heal Clinic out of sheer desperation. I had seen multiple doctors, specialists, and alternate practitioners and spend every cent of savings I had on appointments, consultations, tests, creams, lotions, you name it I’d tried it. It got to the point where I was clawing at my skin and scalp, losing hair, drawing blood in absolute agony and discomfort. I’d completely lost all confidence and sense of self and had started to become depressed and suicidal as I simply couldn’t take it anymore. Medical practitioners looked at me as if I was going insane when I described to them it felt like something was constantly crawling around under my skin’s surface and despite their best efforts to try and treat my condition, nothing worked or provided any sort of relief, mostly everything I tried aggravated my skin further.

Sarah adopted a very personalised approach and went through a very thorough series of questions which at the same seemed a little odd. Strangely enough Sarah never met with me in person with all consultations taking place via telephone or Skype, yet she knew exactly what was going on through her own very detailed series of tests. By re-structuring my diet and introducing supplements and foods slowly back into my diet there was a significant change within months. To date, there are still several small spots of psoriasis on my stomach, however considering it was all over my body, I honestly can’t thank her enough as the process she went through with me really has changed my life, given me my self-confidence and self-worth back and allowed me to start living again.

If you are looking for a quick fix, then best you look elsewhere as Sarah will work closely with you from the ground up to rebuild every cog in your body so that everything is functioning in harmony with one another and be prepared to commit to the possibly dietary changes you may be asked to undertake as hand on heart it is worth it. As an added bonus I now have a greater indepth understanding of nutrition and have never felt so healthy and vibrant.

Thank you Sarah for sharing all your wisdom, advice and for being the caring, kind, generous person that you are. I really can’t thank you enough for making such a difference in my life. ”

L. Morgan (NZ)

“I am feeling pretty confident in your hands…you are very impressive both with your vast knowledge and your gentle caring nature. I have been disappointed so many times with the medical profession that I definitely became a “self-help” person.  I know a lot more than the average person, but my knowledge dwarfs in the light of what you know. I am going to commit to this program and trust you to take me through. Thank you for taking the time that you did with me today.  I am well aware too, that you went over the hour that you are charging me for….THANK YOU!”

Alexis H. (NZ)

“Many thanks to you!! So far in my 56 years of life, you are far the best professional I’ve spoken with, and I will continue with you to the end of my days…:)”

P. Morales (USA)

“To anyone that is “enduring” rather than living life – whether you are stress weary or have some mystery illness that you or your doctor just can’t put your finger on and most importantly if you are someone who has suffered one or many serious traumatic life events, if the effects have left you with an on-going high level stress reaction, to you I can say – give this a go. I have had significant and sustained improvement and I am not one to put my name to something lightly. With much thanks to Sarah and her team.”

S. Diedrichs  |  Director/CEO  |  Amalgamated Helicopters (NZ) Ltd

“After more than a year of suffering from stomach pain, bloating, tiredness and muscle spasms, I visited Sarah at the Self-Heal clinic. What a relief to discover the actual cause of my problems and know that, just by changing my diet and avoiding processed foods and chemicals, etc. I could feel good again. Now, three months later, I feel great! No more awful symptoms, I’m eating well, am full of energy and what a bonus to have lost 7 kgs at the same time. Thank you Sarah.”

K. Winters (NZ)

“I sought help from Sarah, after years of sudden onset diarrhea, and acid reflux. I had read lots and tried to modify my diet on my own, I had some partial success, but when the acid reflux got much worse I realised I needed more help than taking Losec and struggling on my own guessing about diet.

I came to see Sarah, who over a period of six months guided me through diet and supplement changes. The results have been fantastic. I no longer take Losec at all. I no longer get diarrhea and there have been side benefits. I have lost weight and asthma and allergies have dramatically improved. I feel able to manage my diet and when I transgress, which I sometimes do, I can tell how much is too much and can get myself back on track. The benefits of feeling good make any lifestyle changes seem insignificant”.

J. Galbreath  (NZ)

“I remember telling Sarah of the Self Heal Clinic once that her treatment had given me my life back. I am a 55 year old woman who has enjoyed a reasonably fit and healthy life, although I have always struggled to keep my weight under control see-sawing from too heavy to ok if a lot of effort was put into exercise and diet. I started to feel tired, irritable, and generally not able to live the life I wanted to. While writing this I am still incredulous as to the difference Sarah’s treatment has made. I will list the major changes –

Not only am I no longer overweight, it is easy to maintain a healthy weight for the first time in my life. I no longer have a chronic acidity problem – I did not understand the full affect of this on my body before meeting Sarah. I am living a very active and good life enjoying grandchildren and working. I have the energy levels I would expect.

I have introduced my daughters and friends to Sarah’s treatments and they in turn (because they benefited so much) have introduced their friends. Thank you Sarah.”

S. Bohm (NZ)

“I have been ill for two years at least. Doctors gave me 2 MRI’s. I had scans, blood tests, you name it, went on medication, no joy. Went to Sarah and after 2-3 months she twigged my body was toxic with different metals (and chemicals) etc … She gave me medication (herbs, vitamins and minerals), saunas and clay baths and I am coming right. If you put your confidence in Sarah, she’ll get you right.”

Alan James (NZ)