Castor Oil Pack Instructions

Items Needed:

. Cold Pressed Castor Oil
. Clean Cotton Flannel or absorbent pad
. A plastic sheet, plastic bag or glad wrap
. A towel
. Hot water bottle
. Scissors

NB: Be Cautious when Purchasing Castor Oil

As with everything else, you must be careful about your source of castor oil. Much of the oil currently sold in stores is derived from castor seeds that have been heavily sprayed with pesticides, solvent-extracted (hexane is commonly used), deodorised, or otherwise chemically processed, which damages beneficial phytonutrients and may even contaminate the oil with toxic agents. Use a top quality, organically grown cold pressed oil from a reliable source.

 How does the pack work?

Quality castor oil penetrates deep into the tissues triggering a release of waste particles from inside and outside the cells. It is theorised that the effect can penetrate even into the ‘no man’s land’ between the glycosaminoglycans (an important part of the body’s structure) and the lymphatic system where waste products may otherwise remain for a lifetime. In the clinic, we use it primarily to resolve hidden parasitic or bacterial infections, stimulate the immune system and clear deep congestion.

Two separate studies have shown that patients using abdominal castor oil packs had significant increases in lymphocyte production (a type of white blood cell) compared to those using placebo packs.

Instructions for Use (General)

(We advise that you ‘patch test’ a small area of skin with the oil before you proceed with your first pack. If you react, it could be indicative of the quality of the oil you are using).

1. Cut a layer of cloth to the size of the treatment area or use an absorbent pad of some sort.
2. The plastic is used to stop oil from getting everywhere and to protect the hot water bottle from getting oily if using one. Cut the plastic a little larger than the cloth or pad.
3. Saturate the cloth or pad with castor oil. Remove excess oil. Then place the cloth or pad on to the target site. Cover with the plastic sheet. Hold in place by taping with non-irritating tape or a binding of some sort.
4. If using a hot water bottle, place it over the castor oil pack. The heat promotes absorption, increases circulation, and helps the body to relax. Leave in place for 30 to 60 minutes (or up to 1½ hours). Placing a folded bath towel over the top of the hot water bottle will help hold in heat. If not using a hot water bottle, leave the pack on for longer or preferably overnight. 
5. Wash area after using the castor oil pack. Cleanse the skin using a wash cloth and a natural, non-chemical soap.
6. I recommend taking the juice of 1 lemon or 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar with a small pinch of Celtic salt in a cup of warm water after the treatment. This helps to gently cleanse the kidneys.


Castor Oil Pack without Heat:

You can reuse the same pad or cloth more than once. Store in an airtight container in the fridge between uses and top up with more oil as needed. Replace if getting smelly.

Frequency of Castor Oil Packs:

The castor oil packs are recommended daily to start. The best results are achieved with consistency.

Long-term Chronic Illness:

If a person has been chronically ill for a long time, if they have a high degree of toxicity, are frail or have trouble eliminating toxins such as a person with kidney failure, then it is best if the packs are used on alternating days and for shorter lengths of time (rather than overnight).  As the general condition of the body improves, the packs may be used more frequently and for longer periods of time.

Cleansing Reactions:

The use of castor oil packs should be gentle without producing unwanted side effects. Cleansing reactions, such as a rash, are rare. If this occurs, discontinue use and talk to your health practitioner. It may be necessary to reduce the frequency or length of time of using the packs. The use of green smoothies with electrolytes and liver herbs added are also helpful.

For Superior Health:

Castor oil packs are one of those rare remedies that cannot be used too much. Many people continue to use castor oil packs periodically throughout their lives to help boost the immune system, to keep the lymphatic circulation clear, to assist in proper eliminations and to always feel their best. Castor oil packing works very well when alternated with bentonite clay baths and clay packing.