Thank you for taking the time to visit me. My name is Sarah Beesley and I am the creator of a health program called The Ultimate Health Program. I own and operate a functional medicine practice in New Zealand called The Self Heal Clinic.

Sarah - Self Heal ClinicThere is nothing I love more than working with people who are ready and willing to make lasting change… I know from personal experience what a difference the right  information can make. I was 32 when I first met a health professional who listened to me and helped me to understand what my body was trying to tell me. I had struggled for years with digestive problems, hay fever and blocked sinuses. By the time I reached 24, I was asthmatic and prone to constant respiratory infections. At 32, I had been on low dose antibiotics for 3 years for constant urinary tract infections and was starting to get hip and lower back pain which was affecting my ability to do the gardening I loved. I was stressed, struggling to keep control of my weight, often grumpy and had terrible menstrual pain as well. After many fruitless doctors visits and various forms of testing, I started to look for another answer. When I found it I never looked back. In fact that journey led me into doing the work I do now.

My years of practice have taught me that our bodies don’t do anything by mistake. They have an innate wisdom and are always trying to tell us when something is not right so that we can keep ourselves in the best possible working order. Unfortunately however, most of us have not been taught how to hear and understand that message. Generally it is not until the wheels begin to well and truly fall off that we stop to consider why this might be and it can be years before we find something that makes a real difference. I have heard people say many times “I wish I’d found you years ago…”

Your body is reliant upon the information you feed it. This comes from your environment, your emotional state and from your food. Most approaches to nutrition dwell on calories, carbs, fats, proteins. Instead of creating lists of restrictions and good and bad foods, I coach my clients to create a happy, healthy life in a way that is flexible, fun and free of denial. There is no one perfect way of eating or living that suits everyone – it is a case of finding the best balance for you and one that works with your genetics.

Through The Ultimate Health Program, I can show you how to understand the signals your body is sending you. I can show you how to provide your body with the foods that are most compatible with your The Self Heal Clinic - Sarah Beesleygenetic type and what your cravings are about. You will learn how to control inflammation, one of the biggest factors in balancing your brain and hormonal chemistry. I will show you the importance of detoxification, how to do this in a safe and gentle manner and will give you health tools that will last you a life time. If supplements are required, I will help you get the stuff that really works, is cost effective and is going to provide you with the best benefit. The most expensive supplements are the ones that don’t work!

By working with me, you can learn simple and effective self care techniques, discover the foods that nourish you the best, and how to use any required supplements in an appropriate way which allows your system to rebalance. Doing The Ultimate Health Program is likely to be some of the best money you’ve ever spent!

When was the last time you received the quality personal attention you deserve?

I can work with you in person or by phone or Skype. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are… Connect with me today.