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    The cost of the test is $129 +$5.00 per additional item to be tested, and a 1 hour appointment is required to go over the result.

    An email will be sent to you with instructions for taking the hair sample and a downloadable test form.

    Please follow the instructions carefully and include the test form with your sample.

    The Self Heal Clinic Ltd, 106 Lincoln Rd, Masterton 5810, New Zealand.

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How to Take the Sample

The approximate size of the hair sample required is a 5 mm thick bunch of hair. It must be cut at the ROOT, close to the skin.

You can use any body hair if the head is shaven. Eg: leg, pubic, chest or underarm. The presence of hair dye is not a problem if it is older than 2 weeks.

Hair samples should be contained in a small sealed plastic bag.

Any additional items to be tested must be appropriately packaged and labelled or they will not be included.

Tests take approximately 4 weeks to process.

When we receive your sample, we will contact you to arrange payment. All tests must be paid for prior to the test being carried out.

Thank you for using our service and we look forward to helping you in your health journey.